Vita Chip

A revolutionary technology to increase vitality and quality of life.

The Vita Chip is a very small (15 x 15 x 1.2 mm) device containing highly minced minerals and metal oxides (e.g., calcite, vanadium, magnetite). It was adopted from the Soviet astronautics program which needed a solution to deal with extensive cosmic radiation.

The Vita Chip’s microscopically small compounds store information and resonate with human cells. In our Swiss laboratory, each Vita Chip is electronically informed with frequencies stemming from the meridians of 1300 healthy individuals according to a standardized set of health related criteria (e.g., sleep patterns, sensory disturbances, muscle diseases, pain, etc.). This process is comparable to the recording of a CD. Although the Vita Chip works as a stand-alone product, it is specifically conceived to work in conjunction with high frequency electronic devices such as cell phones whose frequencies are used as carrier signals.